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Weird flesh thing, TTRPG Nerd, Tech guy, Audio guy

About Me

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Linux System Administrator | Actor | TTRPG Game Master

I found two wildly different passions while at University: Learning Computers and Acting. I thought I'd end up as a Machine Leanring practitioner in robotics.

My career trajectory has shifted to High Performance Computing, being a Research Computing Facilitator, and DevOps. I find myself working on my home lab on the weekends unless the weather is good outside!

Name: Kevin Rineer
Degree: B.S. in Comp Sci
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Education & Experience

My Education

B.Sc. in CS

University of Florida | 2013 - 2018

Key courses were CAP4621: Artificial Intelligence and Heuristics and CIS4930: Deep Learning for Computer Graphics. Go Gators!

Minor in Communication Studies

University of Florida | 2013 - 2018

It helps to be well-rounded. I took this minor to better understand how communication works best in diverse teams.

Highlight Projects

Audio Command Classifier

Self study | 2023

Audio classifier using CNNs on the MFCCs of short audio files (spoken commands) from Google's speech_commands dataset. Model wrapped in a BentoML Bento Box.

GoLang bootcamp

Self study | 2024

All of my work using GoLang

Phoneme transcription

Self study | 2023

Bidirectional LSTMs to classify phones in short audio samples

Tech I Like

Python logo
3 Years
Ansible logo
2 Years
GoLang logo
Bourne again shell logo
2 Years
Image of a martian alien representing Doom
Doom Emacs
1 Year
HPC Illustration from the University of Potsdam

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